June 2012

How sugar is making us sick

Dr. Robert Lustig of University of California San Francisco, who explained to us the sickening aspects of Sugar through his viral video “Sugar: The Bitter Truth” (2009), has taken part on a new UCTV documentary released on April. It’s called “The Skinny on Obesity“.

I  recommend you to watch it to understand more about how the excess of sugar is affecting badly in our health.



Our future is in our hands.

To win, we have to lose.

The Weight of the Nation documentary alerts and reminds us about the serious Obesity Epidemic in our country. If you haven’t watched it yet, I strongly recommend it.

We should not accept this status quo, but pursue a better future for our lives and our nation.

Beauty and Taste in the Garden

I was passing by our neighborhood High School and found out these well-grown and beautiful vegetables!


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