July 2012

[how to drink less sugar] TIP #1

TIP #1: Reduce gradually the amount of sugary beverages that you drink and substitute it with water.

If you’ve been drinking 3 sugary beverages (soda, juice, tea, etc.) a day, reduce to 2 a day during the first week. Then the next week, drink 1 a day, and so forth, until you replace all sugary drinks with water! 🙂


How to drink less sugar

As we talked about earlier, consumption of high amounts of sugar are affecting badly in our health. So, we should avoid it.

We’ll talk about simple and effective steps to reduce our sugar intake. These steps are simple, yet not easy at the beginning, so we need to put effort to accomplish them. We can do it if we want it!

We consume sugar by two ways: drinking and eating. So, let’s start with drinking.

The 1st step is to drink more water instead of sugary beverages! 

Yes, simple like that, but surely not that easy, specially when we are used to drink sugary soft drinks, juices, yogurts, choco milks, sports drinks, teas, coffees, etc.

In the next posts, we’ll talk about tips and ways to be successful in accomplishing this step!

How much sugar should we consume daily?

According to the American Heart Association,

“For most American women, that’s no more than 100 calories per day, or about 6 teaspoons of sugar. For men, it’s 150 calories per day, or about 9 teaspoons.”

Women: less than 100 calories, 6 tsp or 24g of added sugar per day.

Men: less than 150 calories, 9 tsp or 36g of added sugar per day.

(Consider 1 tsp as equal to 4g of sugar.)

Did you know that?

  • One Coca-Cola 12-ounce can has 39g of sugar.
  • One Orange juice 12-ounce bottle has 36g of sugar.

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