TIP #2: Carry a bottle of water!

Specially on these summer hot days, we want to refresh ourselves and we tend to buy those large sugary sodas and sports drinks because they are tasty and cheap. But we should remember that even though they are refreshing, they are filled with loads of sugar that are bad for us.

We can cool ourselves by drinking water (or other non-sugary drinks) instead! Don’t you think that rather than a short-term pleasure, it is worth the “sacrifice” for a long-term health benefit?

Refillable water bottles: Choose one which is a Stainless Steel or BPA-free, as the chemical BPA (Bisphenol-A) has raised health and environment questions. (NYTimes).

The Insulated Stainless Steel Bottle is a great choice as it maintains the temperature of your beverage, so you can enjoy a cold water on hot days and hot teas on cold days!