The sweetest time of the year is coming, literally. On Halloween, supermarket aisles are filled with bags of candies and chocolates where Americans spend more than $2 billion to buy them, and kids go trick-and-treating and bring buckets filled with sweets. And in the end, everyone will consume all those candies.

This Halloween instead of giving away candies and chocolates, try something different:



Picture of 4-Ct Halloween 3D Eraser Pack
Erasers from Geddes
haunted house box - instant download - printable paper house - halloween box - commercial uses allowed - halloween decoration box - spooky
Haunted House Printable Box from RoseClipArt
pumpk box.PNG
Jack-o’-Lantern Treat Box from Cookieboxstore
Spider Rings from Target
Yummy Erasers from Blippo
Gel stickers from Target
Ghost Paper Boxes from Twomysterybox
Picture of Witches Broom Pen
Witches’ Broom Pens from Geddes
paper cut halloween spooky house treat box ready made 2,5x2,5x4,5inch
Spooky House Box from RubiaCraft
Picture of Sticky Critters Toy Assortment
Sticky critters from Geddes