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Which is healthier: Hot Cereal or Cold Cereal?


Whole unprocessed oats are better for you as it takes longer to digest (steadier rise on blood sugar) compared to Cheerios and other processed cereals which are rapidly digested, creating a spike on blood sugar which doesn’t last through morning.

On the article, Dr. Mozaffarian also mentions about a practical way to choose healthful whole grain products: look for products with a total carbohydrate-to-fiber ratio that’s less than 10 to 1 (which means products with less total carbohydrate and more fiber are better).


In Coal Country, Farmers Get Creative To Bridge The Fresh Produce Gap – NPR


It’s impressive the efforts of farmers trying to provide healthy food and facilitate access to groceries in West Virginia food deserts through agriculture training and mobile farmer’s market. However, there is an important aspect that need to be solved: unemployment.

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Urban Food Policy Forum at CUNY

Urban Farming 🍅 and Social Justice ⚖️ Talk on Oct 19 at CUNY.

FREE Event: RSVP at

See you there! 😊

In Defense of Food is on PBS!

Journalist Michael Pollan distills a career’s worth of reporting into a prescription for reversing the damage being done to people’s health by today’s industrially driven Western diet. Premieres on PBS on December 30.

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Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2015-2020

dietary guidelines.png

The New Dietary Guidelines are out! Have you checked it out?

Below are the 5 Guidelines of the New Dietary Guideline.


These are the Key Recommendations!

key recommendations.png

Some examples of shifts in our food choices to eat healthier!

dietaryguidelines1dietaryguidelines2dietaryguidelines3dietaryguidelines4dietaryguidelines5dietaryguidelines6dietary guidelines2.png

For more informations and details, check out the whole Dietary Guideline!

Now, let’s put them into practice! Have a healthy day!

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[Article] NYT – The Extraordinary Science of Addictive Junk Food

This is a Great Article from NYT: The Extraordinary Science of Addictive Junk Food

It tells interesting inside-stories of the Big Food Industry as well as the science, psychology and marketing behind the food development. What caught my attention was the industry’s conflict of interest between making foods healthier and keep profiting with blockbuster junk products.

The author mentions decades-old stories and articles, showing us that there haven’t been significant improvements on food formulation and marketing by the food industry to address the issues of food addiction and obesity.

However, we, the consumers, have the power to vote through our purchase. Let’s use our daily power to vote and promote healthier foods that improve the lives of our family and society.

When shopping for groceries, the Nutritional Facts label and Ingredients list are good guides to help us choose healthy foods. We’ll talk more about it in the next post! See you soon!

How sugar is making us sick

Dr. Robert Lustig of University of California San Francisco, who explained to us the sickening aspects of Sugar through his viral video “Sugar: The Bitter Truth” (2009), has taken part on a new UCTV documentary released on April. It’s called “The Skinny on Obesity“.

I  recommend you to watch it to understand more about how the excess of sugar is affecting badly in our health.


Our future is in our hands.

To win, we have to lose.

The Weight of the Nation documentary alerts and reminds us about the serious Obesity Epidemic in our country. If you haven’t watched it yet, I strongly recommend it.

We should not accept this status quo, but pursue a better future for our lives and our nation.

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