Healthy Foods Cube – Free Printable Activity

Fun activity with kids and students to educate about Healthy Foods of each category! See activity instructions below. Enjoy!



Download PDFs:

Colored version: cube_healthy_food_color_full

Black & White version: cube_healthy_food_blackwhite_full

Drinking water

drink water_bunny_rabbit.gif

Mini Eggplant Pizzas


Mr. eggplant is back! Now, as Mini eggplant pizzas! It’s quick, easy, creative and delicious!

Eggplant Pizzas

Check out the recipe video from my fussy eater below. Enjoy!

List of Prohibited Ingredients by NYC School Food

prohibited ingredients schoolfood nyc.png

This is a list of prohibited food additives of School Food in NYC. Although these additives are approved by FDA for consumption, they aren’t necessarily essential or nutritious in a diet. For some of these additives, there are studies showing that they can even be harmful to our health and/or the environment in the long run. For example, processed/ cured meats (e.g. ham, hot-dogs, sausages) which have sodium nitrate are considered as carcinogenic by WHO (IARC).

This list can be a helpful guide for you and your family to shop and consume more nutritious and safer foods.

Reducing Sugar in our Diet

Helpful tips from AHA to reduce consumption of sugar in our diet (and even more now that the Holiday season is coming!)

Garden Veggies – Coloring Paper



Download PDF: veggies_coloring_page


Easy and Healthy Tortilla Pizza


Download PDF: pizza_free_printable



Enjoy Summer with Fruits Posters!

summer fruits_watermelon_kiwi_pineapple_orange_poster_printable_eat_healthy

summer fruits_watermelon_800b_poster_printable_eat_healthy

summer fruits_kiwi_800_poster_printable_eat_healthy

summer fruits_pineapple_800_poster_printable_eat_healthy

summer fruits_orange_800_poster_printable_eat_healthy

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